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Sheer Wrap - Poppies and Peeps by VIDA VIDA




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The jobs of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers can often be stressful, particularly near deadlines. Additionally, they may travel to meet with clients or media representatives.

Most advertising, promotions, and marketing managers work full time. About one-third of advertising and promotions managers worked more than 40 hours per week in 2016.

These managers typically have previous work experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales.

A bachelor’s degree is required for most advertising, promotions, and marketing management positions. For advertising management positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in advertising or journalism. A relevant course of study might include classes in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, communication methods and technology, visual arts, art history, and photography.

Most marketing managers need a bachelor’s degree. Courses in business law, management, economics, finance, computer science, mathematics, and statistics are advantageous. For example, courses in computer science are helpful in developing an approach to maximize online traffic, by utilizing online search results, because maximizing such traffic is critical for the success of digital advertisements and promotions. In addition, completing an internship while in school can be useful.

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers typically have work experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales. For example, many managers are former sales representatives ; buyers or purchasing agents ; or Empire ForcesBoys Hat amp; Gloves Set Star Wars 1PPj8ViBvg

Analytical skills. Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must be able to analyze industry trends to determine the most promising strategies for their organization.

Analytical skills.

Communication skills. Managers must be able to communicate effectively with a broad-based team made up of other managers or staff members during the advertising, promotions, and marketing process. They must also be able to communicate persuasively with the public.

Communication skills.

Creativity. Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers must be able to generate new and imaginative ideas.


Decisionmaking skills. Managers often must choose between competing advertising and marketing strategies put forward by staff.

Decisionmaking skills.

Interpersonal skills. Managers must deal with a range of people in different roles, both inside and outside the organization.

Code Enigma

Code Enigma

Main image by Carlton Browne, released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

It's time to put the front-end developers back in charge

Whether you're selling products, publishing scientific articles, or facilitating social networking, you have to put design first. This also means putting your users first and thinking about why they come to your site, what they do there, what device they are using to view the site and interact with it. At Code Enigma we find the best way to approach the design challenge is to prototype sites outside Drupal first so that we can test out user experience, check the site works on multiple devices and screen sizes, and produce efficience, standards-compliant code. This approach also allows us to test for browsers and accessibility before we then bring together optimised page markup with the power of Drupal to manage content, users, and assets like images or video.

Find out more about how we go about putting design in charge in three example sites built on prototypes.

We built this site in the first three months of 2014. The client approached us in December 2013requesting us to lead their existing development team in rebuilding the existing site in Drupal 6 in Drupal 7 with a complete overhaul of the site architecture and design. As the client had already commissioned wireframes and design, we started by building the entire site as an HTML prototype. This is the most reliable method for ensuring responsiveness across many devices and form factors. Prototyping also allows us to check for accessibility and to provide an early opportunity for stakeholders to test user experience. Our development team are charged with making Drupal output exactly the same markup as the design team have used for the prototype. With that in mind, we encourage customers to get the source code for sites examined by people who know Drupal; once you exclude the head of the pages to focus on the body, it’s hardly possible to tell this is being done in Drupal apart from a few giveaway classes in the body tag. This also means the page-weight is reduced so the page loads faster on mobile devices. Interestingly, that also helps page loads on slow connections; in other words, designing for the latest devices reinforces good practice going back fifteen years. This site has a truly global audience, and it particularly targets the Chinese market; hence the ability to read the site in Chinese script. Although the site uses content delivery networks (CDN) to achieve performance in all countries (as well as access to the Chinese market), it also performs well by using lean markup, which is yet another benefit of a prototype driven model.

Mosaic Science

We developed this site for the Wellcome Trust between October 2013 and March 2014. The core of the design work was actually done by the Clearleft design agency. Their front-end specialists produced design patterns in HTML and one of the key considerations for the Wellcome Trust was that we could give a guarantee that we could make Drupal output HTML markup that absolutely replicated their design patterns. We achieved this by using an extension of the semantic panels model that we call ‘Planer’ ( ). This project developed by one of our team strips out Drupal markup and enables us to put in the markup as produced by a front-end design team. Mosaic Science launched in March 2014 and by June the editorial team have tracked over 1 million page-reads both on the site and on external sites carrying the content under a creative commons licence. We are now assisting Wellcome Trust to transition all their sites to Drupal, and in every case there is a requirement that the site must be mobile-first responsive outputting markup created by their front-end design team.

James Hargreaves Bathrooms

In this case we were completely in charge of both the re-design and build. James Hargreaves specialises in providing luxury bathroom suites and fittings so the key requirement was to carry lots of high-quality product images whilst remaining mobile-first responsive.

The actual product photo pages are the hub of this site, with metadata attached to each linking to other content in the site. Users are taken on a journey from any entry point through the site via the images to the final destination that is the showroom details.

It was hugely important to show large high quality photos. On mobile and other small displays the images are delivered optimised for the viewport size, so mobile users won’t be downloading needlessly large files.

We’re one of the most experienced Drupal teams in Europe, best known for our work on large, technically challenging projects for all kinds of clients.

Our team is passionate about Drupal and open source software. Our whole company spends at least four weeks per year working on Drupal modules or other open source projects. We’re also strongly committed to putting design first, taking a mobile-first, content-out approach to creating websites. This ensures that the sites we build combine the power of Drupal with best practice design and development.

Contact us

Smithfield Business Centre.
5 St John’s Lane,
London, EC1M 4BH,
United Kingdom
Company number:7390130
VAT number:GB 998 2127 74
or send a tweet or zipped purse Grey K/A/R/T H4zSmPSpa

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and Facebook


The musician Blood Orange teamed up with Bryndon Cook to create a new song, “Hymn,” which has been streamed more than 1.5 million times. “Literally the only direction we gave was to name this new collaboration something that sounds like MailChimp,” DiCristina says.

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Potato chips were perfectly crushed, baggedand distributed to real stores in 10 cities. “The chips earned the most vitriol from consumers,” DiCristina says. “They’d put them on Instagram with a caption declaring the end of the world.”


During New York Fashion Week in February, MailChimp hosted a one-day pop-up at Made Man Barbershop in Chelsea to, yes, crimp men’s hair.


A web-based instrument that let users mix real music with an array of… whale sounds.


Three short surreal art films -- about a crooning shrimp in a mailroom, a dog made out of kale and a blimp-shaped piñata full of convicts -- ran ahead of features in 95 art-house theaters and 180 regional chains across the country.


Designed for the Instagram set, NailChamp was a six-week online battle between nail artists. “We really wanted these things to appear in the world as if they were happening naturally,” DiCristina says. It worked. NailChamp earned coverage from Teen Vogue .

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Snail secretions are the latest beauty trend (for real), and during a one-day pop-up spa on the roof of the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, visitors were treated to free snail facials.

A conversation with Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of healthy lifestyle brand hint. Register Now »
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BI’s Article search uses Boolean search capabilities. If you are not familiar with these principles, here are some quick tips.

To search specifically for more than one word, put the search term in quotation marks. For example, “workers compensation”. This will limit your search to that combination of words.

To search for a combination of terms, use quotations and the symbol. For example, “hurricane” “loss”.

Winners from all over the country attended the Business Insurance Break Out Awards events in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles with colleagues, family and friends. View our winners in a new slideshow.

Nominations open for Women to Watch 2018

is accepting nominations for the 2018 Women to Watch Awards, with a deadline of Aug. 10.

The BI Top 10

This week’s most popular stories include a Marsh McLennan Agency acquisition, coal coverage positions, an AmTrust downgrade and more.

Munich Re sticks with coal underwriting despite investor pressure

(Reuters) — Munich Reinsurance Co., the world’s biggest reinsurer, said it would keep underwriting coal-related businesses, defying investors keen for it to follow a partial ban by its rival Swiss Re.

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Global property/casualty premiums increased by 2.8% to $2.2 trillion in 2017, down from a rate increase of 3.3% in 2016 and just above the 10-year average of 2.1%, Swiss Re Ltd. said in a report.

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Cyber risk modeling comes of age

Cyber vulnerability has existed since the beginning of interconnected computers. A comprehensive risk exposure picture can help companies close gaps and improve security. See how cyber insurers and modelers are helping.

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling concerning a Travelers Cos. Inc. unit’s duty to defend a hospital in connection with a now-deceased endocrinologist who had sexually abused numerous children.

From product liability to cyber liability, 3-D printing brings new possibilities for costly claims. Understand the new risks and know how to protect your innovations, investments and employees.

A New Haven, Connecticut, city worker who claims he was fired for filing a workers compensation claim can pursue his case even though an arbitrator did not find that he was wrongly terminated when the employee’s union officials pursued a separate complaint, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

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